The Five Elements of The Ideal Work Station

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The Five Elements of The Ideal Work Station

Employees spend an average of 8 hours a day at their office workstations. With so much time spent at work, it is important for the environment to be a healthy, comfortable and productive space. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to achieving a work environment with the qualities mentioned above.

Chairs That Provide Good Support

As office employees are seated for most of the day, ergonomic chairs Melbourne can make a world of a difference to health and productivity levels. A traditional chair can contribute to a myriad of health problems like stiff neck and shoulders, back aches, strained eyes, sore legs and overall discomfort. Ergonomic chairs, however, have been designed to relieve these effects by providing the essential support with headrests and armrests, cushioned seats and adjustable functions.

Computer Screens Set at the Right Height and Brightness

Similar to ergonomic chairs, the position of computer screens can also greatly affect employee performance and productivity. It is essential that computer screens are adjusted in conjunction with the height of the chair to provide workers with optimal comfort. Screens that are too bright or too dim can cause damage to the eye, and screens adjusted at the incorrect height can result in neck, shoulder and back strain. Electric desks can also be helpful in the process of reducing this strain through adjusting the height of the desk.

Ample Desk Space

Not only is it uncomfortable to work in a cramped environment, it can be distracting and unhygienic. This discomfort can bring down productivity levels and impact negatively on your business. To prevent this, it’s essential for workers to have ample space on their desks to ensure an organised office workstation. The desk should be spacious enough to fit all of the important items like files, stationery, documents and a phone. This help significantly to ensure smooth workflow, so employees are not wasting time searching for important documents or tools when they need them.

Storage Area for a Tidy Desk

Having a storage area at each office workstation is also extremely beneficial, as it allows workers to organise and stow away items that could otherwise clutter their desks. A tidy desk allows for fewer distractions, helping workers focus on the task at hand effectively.

Personal Touches

Finally, employees should be encouraged to make their office work stations “their own”. Workers are more likely to be proud of their space when they include personal touches like decorations or photographs on their desks. It can bring a sense of comfort and joy when workers are greeted by familiar items and things that reflect their personality. This can also really help lift worker engagement, which in turn lifts business productivity.

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