Wide-Reaching Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

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Many of us believe that it’s relaxing to sit. However, this may all be a matter of time: recent studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time can result in detrimental effects to your health.

Sitting – The Bad News

When seated, the full weight of the upper body is transferred to the thighs and the buttocks, exerting a large amount of stress on the back. This position also puts extra pressure on the intervertebral discs, the shock-absorbing pillow-like cushions in between the vertebrae in your spine. This is why many people suffer from back pains when they have been sitting for a long time.

Sitting at your office workstation is also hard on the lower extremities as gravity pools blood in the legs and feet, creating poor blood circulation and a sluggish return of blood to the heart. Not only is your blood flow affected when you sit, your neck and shoulders suffer too. Long periods of sitting without a neck support will lead to a stiff neck and shoulders, which can contribute to complications like cervical spondylosis.

Solutions to Excessive Sitting

Those who work in offices often find themselves sitting at a workstation or meeting table for more than six hours a day. However, office employees don’t have to take the possible health effects sitting down (ahem), as there are measures that can be taken to combat them. The easiest place to start is to replace standard computer chairs with ergonomic chairs.

Unlike traditional chairs, ergonomic office chairs are designed with body mechanics in mind, incorporating years of research into body movements, skeletal stress and postures. They include features such as: head and back rests to provide maximum comfort while supporting correct posture; swivel functions for fluid movements; and cushioned seats that support the hips and buttocks and alleviate pressure in these areas. In addition, each feature can be adjusted according to the individual’s height and body proportions, eliminating the harmful “one-size-fits-all” quality of traditional chairs.

Ergonomic Chairs Lead To Success

Sitting with the right posture on ergonomic chairs can help reduce tiredness and discomfort. The benefits of these chairs are a tremendous asset to any office as they increase worker health and productivity. This directly contributes to the growth of your business, making ergonomic chairs a more than worthwhile investment.

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